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American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc.
Dedicated to the promotion, development, and improvement of the Jersey Wooly - The Fluff of the Fancy
National Jersey Wooly Rabbit Club (NJWRC)
2016 Convention Youth BOB winner, Mallory Pienta with her BOB Jr Doe, Pienta's PJ

Welcome to the NJWRC website. This site is dedicated to the promotion, development, and improvement of the Jersey Wooly -- "The Fluff of the Fancy."

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The Jersey Wooly is one of the dwarf domestic rabbit breeds, having a maximum weight allowance of 3 lbs. and an ideal weight of 3 lbs. They are popular rabbits for show and exhibition.

Jersey Woolies are known for their friendly temperament. They come in a variety of colors and make excellent pets, 4-H projects, and are a hobby to many dedicated breeders.

The Jersey Wooly was first introduced at the 1984 Americn Rabbit Breeders' Convention (ARBA) Convention in Orlando, Florida by Bonnie Seeley of Highbridge, NJ. In 1988 at the ARBA Convention, in Madison, Wisconsin, it became a recognized breed. Bonnie originally developed the breed in order to produce a small pet rabbit with wool that was easy to care for. Today, the Jersey Wooly is that, and much more, as one of the most popular breeds of rabbits exhibited around the country with a club membership of over 700 worldwide. Broken Jersey Woolies were accepted as a recognized variety at the 2004 ARBA Convention in Rhode Island.

The Jersey Wooly, are exhibited at both local and national shows throughout the country in much the same manner that dogs and cats are shown. Each rabbit is compared to the Standard of Perfection for its breed, and competes against others of its own breed for BEST OF BREED [BOB] honors. Then, each BOB is judged against one another for the coveted BEST IN SHOW [BIS] title.

The NJWRC boasts members across the USA, Canada, Malaysia and Japan. NJWRC members have the privilege of competing in the annual sweepstakes contest which measures to a degree, the success of members exhibiting at local, state, and national all breed and Jersey Wooly specialty shows.

National Jersey Wooly Rabbit Show - 2018

Don't wait! Make your reservations right away! This show is being held in conjunction with the West Coast Classic (WCC), which is ALWAYS a spectacular event!
Check this space often for updated information regarding the 2018 NJWRC National Show. Updates will be made as they are received.

2017 ARBA Convention

Join us in Indianapolis October 1 - 5, 2017
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From 6 PM Friday, 9/29, thru 9 PM Sunday, 10/01
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