‘Enthusiastic’ bridesmaid has everyone in stitches when they see the wedding photos

When it comes to being part of a bridal party, there can be a lot of responsibilities involved – making sure the bride always looks her best, holding bouquets, and ensuring everything is running smoothly.

But one woman recently went above and beyond to keep everything perfect at her pal’s wedding.

Megan Sutty was asked to be involved in Jessica Ashton and husband Ben’s big day on June 17 because Jessica knew her best friend would step up for the occasion – and she didn’t let them down.

Photos from the wedding show the ‘priceless’ moment Megan leapt through the air to save the bride’s veil – after strong winds threatened to ruin her photos by blowing it ‘all over the place’.

The newly-wed, 28, and her new spouse wanted to shun ‘normal, boring photos’ for more quirky snaps, so she posed with maid-of-honour Megan for some funny shots with the veil.

As the excited trio stood on the lawn at Stirk House in Gisburn, Lancashire, a sudden gust of wind caused the material to billow up into the air.

This resulted in an ‘awesome’ picture of the moment Megan -dressed in her trusty pink Converse shoes – energetically jumps up several feet in the air to catch the veil.

The 28-year-old has since been praised by Facebook users for her enthusiasm and the snap has been hailed by some as ‘the best photo of the year’.

Jessica, from Lancaster, Lancashire, said: “Looking back on the picture, I think it’s amazing. It’s something we’ll treasure forever because it’s quite different.

“It was quite a windy day. Megan was trying to jump it up in the air but [the veil] was trying to go back and hit the wall instead.

“She was trying to save it from flying all over the place.

“Megan was trying to get some height and flight on my veil because it’s quite a big one.

“She did two or three jumps and then she jumped up high – it was perfect.

“She found it hilarious. She’d had a few ciders by that point then changed into her Converse, so she was keen for a good day.”

After a five-year engagement, agricultural trader Jessica and husband Ben, who works in construction, tied the knot on a very special day – the same date they first got together nine years previously.

Jessica has praised photographer Luke Smith, of Red Sweets Photography, for the ‘light-hearted’ shots – which she claims she will ‘treasure forever’.

She added: “I saw Luke on Facebook. I don’t like normal boring photos so I was looking for something a bit more light-hearted.

“Something where you can enjoy the whole day and not be standing around getting photos all the time.

“It was the perfect day because [Ben and I] actually started going out nine years previously on that date, then got engaged five years previously on that date as well.

“We hadn’t planned anything – it was a coincidence.

“Megan was my maid of honour, then I had three other bridesmaids as well. We’ve been best friends forever – since we were born, because we only live five minutes away.”

After the images were shared on Facebook, social media users delighted at the ‘enthusiastic’ shots.

One woman said: “Love this. The bride and groom seem oblivious. The expression on the bridesmaid’s face… priceless.”

Another commenter said: “This is the sort of maid of honour energy that should be given.”

A fellow Facebooker said: “Love this! Enthusiastic would be an understatement.”

Another woman added: “What a class photo. Best photo of the year.”