Zoo welcomes first new capybara in more than a decade after parents’ ‘Valentine’s date’

A zoo is celebrating the arrival of its first new capybara in more than a decade, born after zookeepers arranged a romantic Valentine’s date for her now loved-up parents.

Capybara couple Clementine and Augustus, didn’t hit it off straight away, but the staff at Drusillas Park in East Sussex were determined to try and ignite a spark, fearing the pair would never get together.

However, like many great love stories, their indifference turned to something more one fateful Valentine’s Day, after staff set out a special meal for them, complete with a white linen table setting, flowers, hearts, and a taster menu made up of delicious raw veggies.

This ‘will they, won’t they’ date proved to be a great success, with an adorable capybara baby girl welcomed to the world on June 22.

A Drusillas Park spokesperson at Drusillas Park said: “Clementine spent several years searching for her Mr Right. A lady who refused to settle for just anyone, Clementine had rejected many potential suitors over the years, and keepers had almost given up hope of finding her a mate.”

Head Keeper, Gemma Romanis said: “We were over the moon to discover the new baby a couple of weeks ago.

“Not only because it’s our first capybara pup in over a decade, but because everyone has been rooting for Clementine and Augustus – and our efforts help them find love really worked”.

Romanis added: “The dates between the romantic meal and the arrival of the new baby, against the gestation period for the capybaras, suggest that maybe our Valentine‚Äôs meal was even more of a success than we thought.”

The young family is now said to be inseparable, with the first-time parents said to be absolute naturals when it comes to caring for their baby.

The unnamed baby is thankfully healthy, with a lively, and very confident, temperament which shows just how safe and secure she feels under her parents’ watchful gaze.