Dancer claims he’s found his ‘perfect partner’ in his ‘party animal’ pet cockatoo

A Latin dancer has found his ‘perfect partner’ in a pet cockatoo called Mambo.

Seven months ago, Franklin Liranzo, 39, fell for the bird when he saw him “dancing” solo in a pet shop cage.

The pair warm up and practice together, saying they “buzz off each other’s energy” and their passion for upbeat music.

Sweet video footage shows Mambo waiting on his owner’s bed for this favourite Latin dance tune to begin and then he enthusiastically nods his head to the music – Titi Me Pregunto by Bad Bunny.

Franklin stands up to join in and the white cockatoo starts jumping up and down, before wiggling from side to side to mirror his owner’s rhythms.

The professional Latin dancer calls Mambo, who is named after the dance, as “literally a party animal” as he “wakes up and goes to sleep dancing” just like him.

His video, shot at 3.30pm last Thursday (July 7) has since gone viral on TikTok, with more than three million people viewing it.

A lot of people feel that they “need to go on a night out” with the 20-year-old bird.

Franklin Liranzo, from Long Island City, New York, told Kennedy News: “Mambo is my perfect dancing partner. We buzz off each other’s energy.

“When I’m home and need to re-energise, I put one of my playlists on and he dances with me every time. He’s literally a party animal.

“Since I dance professionally, I’m always playing different kinds of music, and when he likes a song he’ll bob his head up and down.

“He reacted differently to Titi Me Pregunto, and what gave away that he loves that song is him jumping on the bed. That means he’s thrilled by it.

“I think it’s the fast and jumpy beat, and the song is very catchy. He likes other music like that too, but doesn’t really respond much to slow music.

“When I first saw him, he was already dancing, so I think he was born a dancer. That’s why I named him Mambo. He wakes up dancing and goes to bed dancing.

“Whenever we leave the house, we leave the music playing so he has something to listen to.

“It feels great to dance with him. Anything I can do to make him happy is great.”

Franklin thinks Goffin’s cockatoo Mambo was abused by his previous owners and reacts angrily to women, so living with him and husband Rosario Manella, 33, is perfect for him.

The 39-year-old’s TikTok posts have been liked almost 700,000 times and he says he’s thrilled they’ve cheered up many people’s days.

One commented: “Omg! That is the cutest thing ever, especially when he starts hopping up and down!”

Another said: “When the beat dropped, he lost it!”

A third added: “Omg I had a smile all throughout the video lol.”

A fourth even joked: “I need to go party with him.”